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Maintain Your Brain

Unlock the secrets to a healthy brain! Join Dr. Norm Dawson, DC, for an engaging event on May 17th from 6-7 PM MDT focused on brain health and discover practical tips to reduce the risk of dementia. Please click here to register for this FREE event.

Join us for an informative and engaging Zoom event focused on brain health, featuring Dr. Norm Dawson, DC. He has a background in hearing loss and dementia and will provide insights and practical advice on maintaining brain health and reducing the risk of dementia.

During the event, you'll learn about the latest research on dementia and hearing loss, including statistics and common causes. You'll discover 12 modifiable risk factors for dementia.

You'll learn how to maintain cognitive fitness through lifestyle changes and practical tips.

Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity to learn from this expert in the field of brain health. Register now to secure your spot and take the first step toward maintaining your brain health!

See you on the 17th.

If you have questions before the event, let us know.

And YES! Please share this with your friends and family.



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