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Purple Mulch - a time for growth

Purple Mulch

Barbara Dawson

Barbara Dawson

Purple Mulch

Purple Mulch

Health & Life Coaching

"Everyone has the power to live a vital and healthy life,"

(505) 259-6400

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Coaching. Nutrition. Education.
Your Health. Your Life. Your Way.

What we do at Purple Mulch…

  • Lead you to your ideal life

  • Support you in your transformation to better health

  • Ask questions, listen and make it about you

  • Make personalized recommendations based on your needs

  • We love what we do

  • We are your trusted advisors for transformational health

Innate intelligence of the cell is where health and vitality begin. Even though we do our best to eat well we cannot obtain optimal nutrition from diet alone. To live life to the fullest, our bodies must work every day to overcome environmental stressors, toxins and contamination. Therefore, in this day and age supplementation is essential.

Connect the dots …
At Purple Mulch we address the discomfort of poor health. We provide a transformational system of coaching, nutrition and supplementation that changes people’s lives. We inquire, we listen  and we discover to empower you to connect the dots to your ideal life. We put a light on your needs and invite you to choose.

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