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A Fit Brain Means a Healthy Body and Better Hearing

While my main thrust in my blogs is about hearing care for reducing the risk of dementia/Alzheimer’s — I also recommend that you keep your whole body healthy. There are 11 other modifiable risks that if not kept in check can increase the incidence of Alzheimer’s. Cardiovascular health is one of them.

A recent article, Oxidized Cholesterol and Alzheimer’s Disease suggests that certain foods may oxidize cholesterol which can not only increase you risk of heart disease, it can also cause inflammation in brain cells leading to amyloid plaque build up. This may contribute to Alzheimer’s Disease, or AD.

Cholesterol is an important substance that the body needs to function. Cholesterol helps the body build cells, make vitamins and hormones, and some fatty foods. However, high levels of LDL cholesterol can be dangerous and put a person at risk. Health issues may include heart attack, stroke and in this cited article Alzheimer’s Disease, a form of dementia.

The researchers also found that if you have too much oxidized cholesterol

in your bloodstream, it can end up in your brain.

“Cholesterol oxidation products may be up to a hundred times more pathological, more toxic, than unoxidized cholesterol, contributing not only to heart disease, but potentially also to a variety of different major chronic diseases, including Alzheimer’s,” according to a recent article in"

Another way of describing this is to say cholesterol has become oxidized and rancid. For example, if you leave butter out too long at room temperature it becomes rancid. Oxidation of molecules in the body is also known as inflammation. Inflammation of any part of the body is not healthy and occurs all the time as a function of living.

One way to cut down on oxidation of cholesterol is to avoid foods that create the oxidation such as: ghee, meat and meat products, (including fish), eggs and egg products. The article also suggests heat added to some foods may increase the oxidation of cholesterol. In addition to modifying our diet, other factors that can contribute to reducing oxidation and lowering cholesterol in cells are: regular exercise, brisk walking, running, and resistance training. Supplementing your diet with high quality nutritional supplements may also help reduce inflammation. High quality usually means made in the USA, manufactured in a FDA approved facility and under the supervision of scientific research. After all, you are trying to keep your brain fit and healthy so do not tolerate inferior or insufficient supplementation. In summary: keep your body healthy and keep your brain healthy. Avoid or reduce foods that may be harmful. Exercise on a regular basis. Add quality supplements. Good hearing and good overall health go hand in hand. Contact me for more information on how you can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s.



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