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What To Do When You Get a Recall Notice

Recalls on your vehicle can be very disorienting. Often you will receive a very alarming letter in the mail telling you that something on your vehicle has been recalled. The information in the letter is very generic, may or may not have estimated repair times, and often will say to contact the dealership for more information.

In 20 years’ experience with dealerships, I found that those letters often would go out before information was released to the dealer, and almost always before dealers have the parts available to them. This makes the process far from straightforward as a consumer. When you get a recall notice, don’t let it ruin your day. Let me take care of it for you.

As an automotive concierge, I regularly check the recall database for my member’s vehicles to make sure that we keep up with any safety recalls as they come out. When I find a recall, or a client reaches out to me about a notice that they received, I contact the dealership to determine the specific details of the recall. During that conversation we make sure that the parts are ordered for the specific vehicle and figure out what the repair time will look like. I then communicate with my client to make sure they understand what repairs are needed, whether they need to be concerned about safety, and what the repair process would look like when the parts arrive.

Once the parts come in, I schedule the repair with as little disruption to my client as possible. I have scheduled several client’s vehicle repairs while they are out of town, picking it up either from their home or the airport and returning it after the repairs are completed before they return. I make the process easy, convenient and stress free. Call me today to take the stress out of car ownership.


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Jen Jaciw
Jen Jaciw
Feb 23, 2023

What a wonderful service to provide. Thank you for everything you do to help, JJ.

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