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Harmon Pest Control

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Mark Harmon

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Harmon Pest Control

Your Extermination Extraordinaire! Serving all of Santa Fe and Albuquerque NM

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Your Extermination Extraordinaire ! Serving all of Santa Fe and Albuquerque New Mexico. A vigilant guardian of the public health, eradicating pests and restoring peace of mind. Reclaim your homes and businesses from all pestilence. Call us today!

At Harmon Pest Control, we strive to provide the most efficient and cost-effective integrated pest management program for your home, business, or community. During our family’s 20+ years in the industry, have performed our services across a wide range of different environments, from commercial spaces, industrial plants, private parks, and all sizes of residential homes and developments. We strike at the targeted pests alone without impacting the ambient environment and strive to save our clients their money by future-proofing the work done with cutting-edge materials that preempt the ever-tightening restrictions by regulating authorities.


Harmon Pest Control proudly serves all of Albuquerque and Santa Fe and specializes in multi-family structures and communities. With years of professionally meeting the challenges that property managers and residents face, be it cockroach infestations that spread to adjacent units, bed bugs that linger and affect newly moved in residents, or endless trails of ants disturbing the peace of mind of the most discerning occupant, Harmon Pest Control has built a reputation in solving these issues professionally and expediently. All of our work is in complete compliance with all local and national regulations administered by the EPA and the materials and products we employ are maximally effective where applications are only made so as to not interrupt the life and business of our clients and cater to any possible sensitivity concern.

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