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Conscious Crossroads End of Life Services


End of Life Services

Danielle Slupesky

Danielle Slupesky

Conscious Crossroads End of Life Services

Danielle Slupesky

Walking Home Together



  • End of Life Coaching

  • Advance Care Planning Assistance

  • Death Doula

  • Bedside Vigil Planning & Holding

  • Downsizing & Organizing

I’ve worked in the medical field, in many different capacities, for my entire adult life. I’m no longer licensed, but in 2013 while I was working as an Emergency Room RN, I went through an extremely complicated, three-month long illness and hospitalization course that included a near death experience (NDE). These events taught me the sweet art of surrender, instilled in me an incredibly deep sense of compassion and empathy and completely negated any fears of death I had prior. I was, however, no longer interested in working so hard to “keep the body alive”. I came back with a mission; I want to bring death back home, into the hands and hearts of our families and communities. Death, like birth, need not be a medical event. Allow me to help guide you and your family on this remarkable journey. You’ve prepared for this trip your entire life; embark without fear and full of love. 

I’m based in Los Lunas, New Mexico. However, thanks to the wonders of modern technology I’m available to coach clients and their families across the globe. I’m also available to travel, throughout the US, for Bed-side Vigil Time and Doula work.

I offer End-Of-Life Coaching, Advance Care Planning Assistance, Vigil Planning, Bed-side Vigil Time, Down-Sizing/Organizing of material possessions (to help prepare for the only trip you can’t pack for), Legacy Projects. 

Certified as a Conscious Dying End-of-Life Coach and Sacred Passage: End-of-Life Doula through the Conscious Dying Institute.

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